Warm White Outdoor Globe Lantern Solar String Lights

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Warm White Outdoor Globe Lantern Solar String Lights

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  • Long working time----With a full charge of 6-8 hours, the Fairy lights will provide lighting for 8-10 hours.Manganese element are added into the Innoo Tech Solar Light Batteries to ensure that solar battery can be charged in the Winter.

  • Water--resistant----This solar string lights suitable for outdoor & indoor

  • Eco Saving----Built-in rechargeable NI-MH battery,recharge at daytime and light up automatically at night or dark environment

  • Easy to Operate & Install----Simple operation with Two switch and one Stake

  • Efficient Absorption & Conversion----Adjustable solar panel design for direct sunlight in Summer and Winter


Product Description

Summer is coming. Time to light up your Patio, Lawn & Garden during the best season!

But the problem is - What kind of lights and what color to choose when facing with hundreds and thousands of choices?

The best answer is - Innoo Tech Fabric Lantern Ball String Lights.

★ The lanterns are made of tarpaulin which is totally waterproof.
★ Tested and certified IP44. Perfect for indoor & outdoor use!
★ Just power on and leave it alone. Once and for all. Charge and light up automatically.
★ The most popular color - Warm White which stands for Serenity and Harmony.
★ With recessed led beads, it's bright;stable & safe.
★ Battery shell is made of Eco-friendly ABS material which is tough; anti-aging & durable.
★ If any issue occurs, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with Quick & Satisfying Customer Service.
★ Your messages will be mostly replied within 24 hours. So you could buy with confidence!
★ As for the specific decoration. Believe in your creative ideas and take advantage of your DIY talent.

Imagine, the breeze gently blowing your cheeks and the lanterns fluttering in the wind.
In the meanwhile, you could hear the chirping of birds and smell the fragrance of flowers. It was pleasantly cool!

You would be excited right now. So am I. Action is better than excitement!
☞ Add to Cart and get ready for decorating your Home & Garden!

Hope to see your shares on SNS platforms and let more customers know this. Thanks! ◕‿◕


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Additional Information

Additional Information

Warranty We guarantee the Innoo Tech solar string lights for a lifetime of normal use.
Color warm white
Part Number L1810-a-CA

Customer Reviews 41 item(s)

I absolutely love Solar powered lantern lights, so I could not wait to get these Solar Powered Paper Lantern Lights. My daughter's birthday is coming up so will be having a party and I thought these would look great strung on the patio. They really do look great! So good that I will be keeping them up on the patio. These lights can be used indoors or out! I like that it was so easy to put together and then we let them sit outside to make sure that they worked. All you have to do it put the solar panel towards the sun. It worked great!! So we hung them on the patio. I also like that the Solar panel recharges the battery, and all I did was sit back and wait for the sun to go down. I also like that these are waterproof so I don't have to take them back down. To sum it up, these were so easy to charge they can handle the weather and they look so cute on my back patio. I give them five stars. I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review
Review by AK / (Posted on 8/12/2016)
Love these solar powered lantern string lights!
These solar lantern string lights are so pretty! I love how they look in my backyard. They don't provide a ton of light, but I didn't want them to. I love the subtle glow they give off. It's beautiful and provides just enough light to light up a path without being too harsh. They definitely provide a great ambiance to any space.My favorite thing about these lights besides how pretty the lanterns look is the fact that they are solar powered. This makes hanging them anywhere super easy and convenient since you don't have to worry about the power cord being long enough to reach an outlet or having to worry about hiding an ugly power cord at all! These also save you money on your electric bill since they obviously don't require electricity which is an added bonus. They even turn on and off automatically so you never have to bother with turning them on and never have to worry about remembering to turn them off.Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase of these solar lantern string lights. They look awesome, work perfectly, are easy to operate, and are environmentally friendly. I also love that they can be used both indoors and outdoors. If you like the look of these lantern lights I highly recommend you try them out. In exchange for my honest and unbiased review I received this product at a discounted rate. However, this did not influence my opinions on these solar lights in any way.
Review by Laura Winter / (Posted on 8/11/2016)
These are so pretty with their subtle glow at night
These are so pretty with their subtle glow at night. Holds a charge well, and the string is long enough from the solar panel to the actual lights, which made it easy to hang. A little bit of a challenge to assemble, but once you figure it out, it's easy
Review by Heidi / (Posted on 8/11/2016)
Love these lights
Love these lights! We hand them on the dodger cover on our sailboat. Love the solar power and soft warm glow. Putting the shades on was a bit of a challenge, but otherwise they are great!
Review by Amazon Customer / (Posted on 8/11/2016)
all n all they worked out
I would have only given these a 4 but because they were a pain to assemble and looked used they got the 3 star sorry at any rate once you got them assembled they did come pre charged and are pretty.I was under the impression they were already put together but were not was kinda like dealing with tangled christmas lights blah but once you got the hang of how to put together took me about 3 of them than was a breeze so sadly im not able to d/l the video so hopefully you see in pictures but when you receive the covers will be flat you just pop them open there are 2 lil holes at the one large end of cover you are going to squeeze the plastic part of light and insert into hole with the wire side going in last there are 2 dent marks at the side of plastic piece that went in first you will align them up then at other end of plastic are to lil pole looking things those you are going to push down and into holes and continue all the way down you will easily get a routine going after about 3 of them as said.you will have a nice sized solar sheet with on/off and mode setting bright/dim/strobe- the lights are more of a mood setting white to yellow very subtle lightweight covers are of a paper but seem solid and wont tear these are waterproof and i can verify that due to i had it charging in rain and works fine.these are fairly long and have 8 hours life for indoor outdoor use i have mine right now dangling from porch umbrella.I received these lights at a discounted price for my honest review I hope you see pictures well enough to give a idea sorry i could not get video to dl but all in all these are not bad lights just a pain at first i could probably use 1 more set to get the look i want outdoors
Review by eliza / (Posted on 8/10/2016)
These lights have been an excellent replacement. They give off a nice ambient light ...
These lights are replacing older paper lantern lights that were in my house when I moved in. The old lights had completely deteriorated down to their metal skeletons. These lights have been an excellent replacement. They give off a nice ambient light and they are much higher quality than the last set so they seem like they'll last for awhile. One big thing to note is they come in pieces and you have to slide the plastic skeleton into each lantern and lock it in place to make the ball shape. This process requires some dexterity and time, but once I had my steps down it went much faster. If you're buying multiple strings of these be prepared to spend some time assembling them. Beyond that my only complaint is battery life. They only seem to last for a few hours, which is fine for my needs, but if you're looking for more than 3-4 hours you might want to try other lights. I received these lanterns at a discount for my honest review.
Review by Jimboslice / (Posted on 8/10/2016)
Love these little solar lights, but careful not to lose small parts!
I really like these lights. I've always been a fan of the aesthetic of paper lanterns, and these really do provide a nice soft light and look really nice.The good stuff:These arrived promptly (fulfilled by amazon), and once they were up they worked great. I put them up in the morning, with the solar panel in a decently sunny spot, and they worked great that same evening. Last night they were still going for at least four hours after dark, so their claims are accurate in that regard. The fabric lanterns appear to be robust enough to be left outside without getting damaged. The light is nice and soft as well, as you can see in the included photos. They provide enough light to have a nice ambiance, say if folks were sitting and talking under them, but I don't feel the need to turn them off when I go to bed, despite them being more or less right outside my bedroom window. The fact that they're solar means I can put them up without worrying about outdoor electrical outlets, and I could even put them up away from the house if there were a gazebo, a fire pit, or something like that.The could be improved:When I first opened the package from amazon and saw the box, I thought I'd been sent the wrong product, since it only describes them as fairy lights and doesn't picture any lanterns. I've included a photo of the box. The lantern parts that stretch over the plastic braces come wrapped in some plastic, but some of the smaller other parts don't. BEWARE, since the nut and bolt that attach the solar panel to the stake aren't in any kind of plastic bag or wrap, they can be easily lost. I honestly thought for some time that the tiny nut was simply missing from my package. I searched through the contents of the product box, and I was thinking of ways to make it work while I contacted the seller about it. Luckily, I thought to search the amazon package box before I recycled it. The nut had worked its way out of the product box (I imagine through the bottom where it folds together, since it wasn't taped or plastic wrapped), and under the bottom flap of the amazon box. I could easily see the nut getting lost in a lot of cases, maybe even before it gets boxed up by amazon, so this is the main reason I took off a star from my rating. There isn't much to the little user manual that's included. It doesn't provide any close up on the nut and bolt assembly, although the cutout shape in the mount was fairly clear. That may not be as clear for everyone. Some of the wording in the manual is kind of funny as well. "3. There is a sensor located in the solar panel which is sensitive to the light. Therefore, after it is charged fully, the solar panel should be backlight, or in the opposite side of light when you use this solar light strip in the day. Only the solar panel is backlight could it work properly." I'm still not quite sure what this means, but I believe it means it's designed to shut off when the panel is exposed to light, such that you need to keep that sensor in the dark to use the lights during the day. Not too big a complaint, but the wording could be improved. Finally, my only other complaint is that the lights only have two modes, on all the time, and flashing. They all flash in unison, and I really can't imagine somebody wanting flashing paper lanterns. If they had kind of a gentle offset blinking like some christmas lights, I could maybe see the aesthetic, but I'm not so sure about that.Based on the two sections I've written here, it looks as thought the bad outweighs the good, but that's truly not the case. I just wanted to make buyers aware of the potential that their nut might be lost or hard to find and the seller to potential improvements, but I really do like these lights a lot. I'm pleased with how they'll look once I arrange them more carefully.Disclaimer:I did receive a discount on this item in exchange for my honest review. My opinions are my own and are not influenced by the seller or manufacturer. The discount I receive is not contingent on the results of my review. If I don't like a product, I will say so honestly; there is no mechanism in place for a seller/manufacturer to revoke the discount or otherwise punish me for leaving a negative review.
Review by Elijah Carter / (Posted on 8/10/2016)
Tiki Time! Solar Lights with Classic Asian Flair
These lantern style LED string lights are just gorgeous, and solar!! They are perfect for so many locations, I like them hung inside my deck umbrella for a soft romantic light at an outdoor evening dinner - also cute hung in a square inside the top of my gazebo - and no worries about electrical outlets and cords. The solar light charges on its own, and there is a built in 'dusk to dawn' sensor, hang these up, choose a lighting pattern (blink/no blink) and that's it. Truly a 'set and forget' set of lights, with a fabulous designer look. Masses of these would be great for party lighting, weddings and of course Tiki Bars!I received this item at a discount in exchange for my honest and uncoached review.
Review by Chris G / (Posted on 8/9/2016)
... than I expected but other than that its a nice item. Giving this to my mother as a ...
The actual lanterns were a lot smaller than I expected but other than that its a nice item. Giving this to my mother as a gift I'm sure she will enjoy the fact that they are solar since they will be going by her swimming pool. I did receive this item for free or at a discounted price for my honest review.
Review by tazluvertoo / (Posted on 8/9/2016)
Just what I needed!
Innoo Tech Lantern Solar String Lights Outdoor Globe Lights 14.4ft 20 LED Warm White Fabric Ball Christmas Lights for Garden Path Party is just what I was looking for. Long working time----With a full charge of 6-8 hours, the Fairy lights will provide lighting for 8-10 hours.Manganese element are added into the Innoo Tech Solar Light Batteries to ensure that solar battery can be charged in the Winter. Water resistant This solar string lights suitable for outdoor & indoor. Built-in rechargeable NI-MH battery,recharge at daytime and light up automatically at night or dark environment. So easy to install and I love setting up lights around my trailer while camping! With all these great features who could want anything more. I just love these! And yes, I have tried them and they are truly awesome!I received this product free or at a discounted price for an honest review.
Review by Lynda Hoffman / (Posted on 8/9/2016)
I love these lights! I had very little trouble putting the globes on the lights. The solar panel is very responsive. The lights are so sweet and just plain cute! I would def recommend these!I did receive this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest review!
Review by Beth / (Posted on 8/9/2016)
Pretty nice for what they are...
Mine worked the way it was supposed to. Good little lights that wont break the bank. I'm happy with it:)For utility items such as this I try to keep it short since, for the most part, if they do what they are intended to do, and aren't of sub-par quality, then there shouldn't be a whole lot to add. If there is something particularly noteworthy about the design I may note that, but probably nothing on aesthetics.So, the deal with any electronic device or devices tends to be longevity. Without cracking this open I can't speak to the quality of the internal build, the wiring, the soldering, etc... so until it doesn't work I have to assume that it will (unless the build quality is noted otherwise). As wit will be with any of these such devices I will be back to provide an update on longevity and durability if/when I need to.I received this item at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review. I was not otherwise compensated. Additionally, I do take these reviews seriously. I do take into consideration price at the time of the review and if I think something is overpriced I do dock them for that, or note it where necessary. If a product is BAD, I do not hesitate to give it 1 star.
Review by ArkhamTheRev / (Posted on 8/8/2016)
Cute Small lanterns...
These little lantern lights are made with good quality and do work by the solar power. Only difficulty I had with them is that it took me over 30 minutes to assemble them and the on/off switches are hard to tell if the power is on or off during the day. Also, the length of the actual lights is more like 12 feet not longer. So, for even a small patio you would have to order at least 4. I received the product in exchange for my unbiased review at a discount.
Review by Debra Ann / (Posted on 8/8/2016)
Nice change of pace from the usual string lights.
These lights are fairly cool. The lights come just like any other Chinese lantern where the globes are collapsed and you expand them and put them on the standoffs (which are already attached to the light string). They are a tad tricky to set up, but you get the hang of it pretty quickly. The string of lights is definitely cool, but I was hoping they'd be brighter and that the whole globe would glow more evenly. There is an obvious "bright spot" that you can see on the globe. I wish the light diffused better.In all, though, these are a nice change of pace from most string lights and look really cool hanging from a garden fence (like I have mine, as you can see in the photo!) I received these lights for free or at a discount for my honest and unbiased review. I am under no obligation to provide a positive review, just an honest and unbiased one. I highly value reviews to gain insight prior to purchasing most products, therefore I made a promise to myself that I would only review products with integrity and honesty intact and never to shill in favor of a sub-par product.
Review by OllieTabooger / (Posted on 8/7/2016)
Super cool
I bought these lights with the intention of putting them around my patio outside. My daughter opened the box before I got home, so now I no longer have patio lights. My daughter has bedroom lights. The lights are really cool. The circular shades are not preassembled on the lights. They are laying flat in the box. You pop them open and then you have to put them on the plastic attachments that are on the light string. Getting them on to the plastic pieces is kinda tough and makes your fingers a bit sore, but that's okay. That assures that they won't fall off.You're supposed to charge the lights outside in the sun for an entire day before using them, but they already come with a little charge.The lights operate on three modes; off, steady on and flashing. My daughter prefers the steady mode.The they are really cool lights. The box it comes in is a bit confusing though, because the lights it shows on the box are not the ones that come inside.I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I gave the lights five stars because they are made of good quality materials, are super cute and they are powered by the sun!
Review by Kimberly J / (Posted on 8/7/2016)
Lovely LED light string
All right, this is so cool.I actually thought that the light balls will be bigger but they are the size of my palm what makes them much prettier. They are so cute and lovely.It all came nice and tidy in a small box and there was a little of assembly to begin with, but there was nothing to it because it is very simple to do.This product has it all. A solar panel that you can stick in the ground to crate the power for illumination. The electric cord that will feed the 20 LED lights.No something else that I like is the fact that the balls are made of fabric and not from paper, that way they will stay intact even if they get wet. Another great thing is that I can place them anywhere I want, because they are so fine and decorative they fit very nice inside my house and if the moment comes and I want to place them outside that is also possible.This product is simple and so versatile in its use that you can place it all over.I highly recommend it.Thank youI purchased this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review, and am under no obligation to leave a positive one.
Review by Niv / (Posted on 8/7/2016)
Great way to celebreate
Solar powered lights are really becoming one of my favorite categories, there are now so many different types and styles that you can do so much both inside and outside of your home, and because they are solar powered, you don't have massive power strips loaded full of plugs, or wires running all over the place. That's not even to mention the obvious green side of things.These lights are really cool. The solar panel itself has an attachable stake included in the box that could be used to stake it into the ground, however if you were wanting to do a wreath on some other place, you could also just mount the solar panel with double sided tape on say a door or something.just under 20 ft long, you get about 15 ft of actual light, and then 5 feet of lead from the solar panel before the light globes start. This is great for not drawing attention to the solar stake by having the lights start right away.Over all i was impressed with the light that these give off, certainly more than expected, not going to make say a porch look like daylight, but definitely provide some solid mood lighting. I really like these, and would recommend to anyone.This was provided to me to sample and write an honest review.My rating guide:~1 star: Not worth my time or yours. Keep looking for something more quality made. It’s your money, Don’t lose it on a poorly made product.~2 stars: Something gives the product a little kick in the right direction. However regardless of what that may be, It’s still not worth the money in my opinion.~3 stars: Ok, So this item may have some really cool features, An awesome looking design, Or maybe it’s just a killer deal. But overall the pieces don’t all fit, Something is off and you need to know about it before making the decision to purchase it.~4 stars: Alright now we're talking! This item has met all expectations, The design is sound, The build is great and the product does what it was made for. It’s a great product that i can recommend buying. However it didn’t completely wow me. This is what most products fall under.~5 stars: Wow! This item is amazing, I absolutely love it. Not only does it meet all expectations but it’s a product that’s so well designed, so well built and that has features that are so awesome they literally put a smile on my face. That’s 5 stars!
Review by Barny / (Posted on 8/6/2016)
Just as nice as they are pictured!
These lights are exactly as pictured which is to say, they are great little lanterns that give off that nice, soft glow that's seen in the description pictures. I live on the second floor and wanted some nice, soft lights for my porch and these are perfect. I love that they are solar powered! They come with a nice sized solar sensor with a small stake that I sunk into one of my planters. The sensor allows them to soak up the sun and charge during the day and light up at night. If you cover up the sensor, by hand or by putting anything over the solar sensor, you can make them light up any time, but of course they won't be charging during that time. The sensor has an on/off button as well as a mode button that toggles from blinking mode to always on mode. I prefer the always on mode so I've just been leaving them on all night and they recharge all day. That way there's no maintenance or pushing buttons on a daily basis needed.These lights needed a few minutes of assembly but it was easy enough to stuck the paper type lanterns on their light holders. It took no time at all to figure that out and they were quickly ready for use. I just draped them over the railing on my porch and they've stayed there all week without moving or drooping. I did receive a discount on this set in exchange for agreeing to leave an honest, unbiased review, but I wish I had bought two strands so I'll probably order another set so I can cover the entire length of my porch. The Prime Shipping was nice and I had these 2 days after ordering and the packaging was as expected, no surprises or problems at all. Overall, I'm really enjoying these lanterns and the soft light they emit and would recommend them to anyone who wants a little atmosphere in their outdoor areas.
Review by DIF0924 / (Posted on 8/5/2016)
Solar Fairy Lights Rock
These cloth mini solar lanterns are a fabulous addition to any outdoor setting. I've got mine looped through the spokes of my umbrella table. They've got a soft, yellow glow that makes every day a party. These come flattened and require a bit of assembly (moving an inner plastic square to hold the globes open, but it was fairly simple once we got the hang of it. PROS: Solar light means no extra power cords! These are eco friendly. There's an off switch so you don't waste the bulbs and rechargeable battery. The solar panel is on a small stake, so lights can be strung under a porch or umbrella where they don't get direct sun as long as the panel stake does. I love these lights and highly recommend them! I was given a discount in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own.
Review by zbluesun / (Posted on 8/5/2016)
work great! Only problem was they were a pain to ...
Very cute, work great! Only problem was they were a pain to put the ladders on the lights. Still glad we got them.Really cute and stay on much of the night. And of course takes no electricity but turns on like clockwork every night!
Review by deborah s wilson / (Posted on 8/4/2016)
Works great, no shut off needed!!!
I purchased these to use for outdoor parties. They were very easy to set up and decorated my back patio beautifully.The best part of these lights is that they are solar powered, so no need to worry about turning off after the party is over.The only issue I foresee is that you must Already have them out to collect solar charge before you use these at night, there is no battery or plug in option.I received a discount in exchange for my honest review.
Review by Super shopper mommy / (Posted on 8/4/2016)
Have a Chinese New Year
The Innoo Tech LEDs Solar Outdoor String Lights lights are a strip of 20 Led Warm White almost 3 inch Chinese Lantern solar powered lights that can be use indoor or outdoor they are energy saving because it has LEDs technology and solar panel.With a full charge of 6-8 hours, the lights will provide for 8-10 hours battery charges to light up in a steady or blinking mode. It also have the Chinese lamp shades for the string that make it more beautiful. The lights are warm and soft it makes the area very nice and cozy.The lamps are weather resistant they look like they are made of paper but is not which makes it more durable. They are made with good quality of materials. Easy to assemble the shades.I received this product for a discount in exchange for my honest review. This is my truthful opinion about the product, based on my own personal experience. I did my own testing and use this product accordingly. This disclosure is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines on Testimony and Advertising.
Review by Rambo / (Posted on 7/30/2016)
Fun led lights
These are pretty neat little solar lights. I put them in my backyard just for a little decoration, not really for the light they put out which isn't very much but the fact that they are solar and you don't have to turn them on or anything is great. They don't come assembled so you have the put the covers on all the lights. I wish they were a little bit brighter. I do like the yellowish light they put out vs the blue light that most leds are. Disclaimer, i received this product at a discount for my honest review.
Review by Ryan / (Posted on 7/29/2016)
really nice lights and it transformed my patio into a nice tranquil place i love them. Thank you for taking the time to read my review. I did receive this as part of a promotion either at a discount or for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I am not affiliated with Amazon nor any company associated with this product. I am an Amazon prime customer who writes reviews for other Amazon customers. I realize that the 1-5 star rating is to help both buyers and sellers. Thus when I rate something the number of stars is just my opinion on how I feel about the product. If I give something a 5 star rating that means that I truly love that product and it has features that put it above and beyond what would normally be expected. I vary rarely will I give a 1 or 2 star rating unless the item is completely worthless and not worth the money and I am only giving that rating as a warning to others. I received no monetary compensation and I am not required to give a good review. Feel free to post any questions and I will respond as soon and the best way possible. If my review has helped in any way, please hit the thumbs up button so I can continue to do the best I can to provide quality reviews to you! I stand by my review and do not give discounted or free products great reviews if they do not deserve them. I count on honest reviews when making purchases on Amazon as much as you do.
Review by Darlla L. / (Posted on 7/29/2016)
Great set of lights.
I bought this Innoo Tech Lantern Solar String Lights Outdoor Globe Lights 14.4ft 20 LED Warm White Fabric Ball Christmas Lights for Garden Path Party set of lights for my daughter for her room and she loves them. She has them set up so the solar battery is catching the sun light from her window. She hasn't complained of the lights bothering her at night. But these look great in her room, she has a canopy over her bed and the lights around that. They would look great outside with them all lit up at night. I would recommend this set of LED lights to others and would purchase again myself.*DISCAIMER:I received this product at a discount price in exchange for my fair and honest review, which I am giving on my own free will. All opinions stated in this review are 100% honest and my own. All items have been tested, handled and reviewed by me prior to my review being written. My purpose as a reviewer is to help other consumers get an honest opinion of an item prior to purchase. We can also help the makers of products and sellers improve their merchandise and customer service with our feedback. Also I as a consumer and review reader have passed over long-winded review at times, so I like to keep my reviews short and to the point concentrating on the pros and cons of the item at hand. No product is guaranteed a 5 star review. I may also edit my review and stars as my opinions and views change or progress is made with use of the product. Or if the product does not hold up like it should and falls short of what the maker has promised.
Review by Amazon Shopper / (Posted on 7/29/2016)
Good lights, after initial set up
Works as described, looks just like the picture. These are as simple to use once you set them up. Simply push the on button and they turn on. You are supposed to let them charge with sunlight for a while which I did, but they worked almost immediately. The settings are cool and allow you to have solid lighting, twinkling, and a few other options. They might even be good for around the holidays as that is what the settings other than constant light remind me of. I have had them outside in the weather and extreme heat for a couple of weeks now and no sign of malfunction or wear. I anticipate and hope that these handy little lights last for a few years.I have two complaints. First complaint is the brightness - They are plenty bright and look pretty, but I was hoping to use around a grill for night time grilling. They just aren't quite bright enough to light up the grill grates from a few feet away but the do light the area up enough so I can see everything and what I am doing. This is no fault of the product, I just had a special application which they were not intended for but I thought it worth mentioning in case others hope to do the same. They help, but I would still recommend a directional spot light product if using around the grill. My other complaint is the set up. The lights each come with a small paper type material ball that goes over a plastic bracket on around the individual lights. This is a cumbersome process to do for each little light, and there are no back up paper balls if you accidentally puncture one of them. I received this product at a discount to conduct a fair and unbiased review. If at any time my opinion changes, I will update my review accordingly.
Review by Brett / (Posted on 7/29/2016)
Smaller than your hand and greenish hue to the lights!
These lantern lights come packaged in a small cardboard box the size of a pack of smaller Christmas lights. When I open the box, I saw that I had to put the lights together myself. My initial impression was that the plastic pieces and lanterns seemed sort of cheap, but when I put them together they actually seem pretty sturdy and the lantern material seems as if it would be pretty weather resistant. The lanterns were not extremely easy to put on the plastic square lights. If you have arthritis or any problems with your hands, you are going to need help. It took me about 10 to 15 minutes to put all of the lanterns on the string. Then I charged the solar battery pack in the sun for about 30 minutes. The lights came on and lasted about an hour after this brief charge in the sun. The color is OK, which is why am giving these lanterns four stars instead of five. It has a greenish hue to it, which I really do not care for. However, the lights work well and they are pleasing to the eye if you don't mind the greenish hue. The directions are very funny...there are sentences do not make sense. These lanterns are is smaller than they look in the picture, so be aware. Please note that I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. However, I was not paid to write this review. This review is my full and honest opinion after testing and examining all aspects of this product in my own home, for my own use. My goal in reviewing products is to help others, like you, in their search for the best products on Amazon. If I give the product a five star review, that means that I am extremely happy with the product. Five stars means that the product has gone beyond and above my expectations and I would have paid/will pay in the future the full price plus shipping for this product. I will definitely continue to purchase five star products for myself as well as recommend them to my friends and family. Four stars: If I give the product four stars, this means that I really like the product and I have found a good use for it. The product function as intended and serves it's purpose well. It is likely that I would purchase this product again in the future. Three stars: If I rate a product at three stars, that means that I am satisfied with the product, but I do not believe it is the best in its product area, therefore I would definitely search for other products within that area the next time I purchase. Two Stars: If I give the product two stars, that means that i am not impressed. I would not purchase the product again. There maybe elements of the product that are not exactly defective, but are not desirable. One Star: If I give the product one star, I am unsatisfied with the product/does not work/it is defective. I would definitely not purchase this product again.
Review by Amazon Customer / (Posted on 7/29/2016)
Pretty outdoor accent piece, love the fact that it's solar
These make for great outdoor decoration. We have a few trees in our backyard, but everything is far from a power source so apart from turning on overpowering house lights, it's pitch black at night.These solar lights are great. They have on/off and blink buttons so the lights can be off until you need them. Initially I thought I had to turn them on any time I wanted to use them, but the solar powered battery has packs a good punch (summer in California). With the lights always on, even at 4am they're still shining nicely. The lights aren't very bright (so I don't know if they're on when the sun rises) but bright enough accent a part of the garden. I'd like to have 5 or 6 of these at some point.I also love the color of the lights - it's a warm yellow (like in the photo), very far off from the bright white light you see in most inexpensive LED lights. I don't know how well these will stand cold & rain, but I can say they're working fine in 105 degree weather.They took about 15 minutes to assemble. The housing for the lights seems quite strong and durable (I accidentally put a lot of pressure on one of them and, thankfully, it didn't rip).I got this product at a discount for an honest review.
Review by Anil / (Posted on 7/27/2016)
Very pretty lights
 This is a very nice set of string lights. They take about ten to fifteen minutes to assemble before they are ready to put up. The first fabric cover you put on is a little difficult but after you put the first cover on the LED light, things start going a little faster. I’m sure the assembly is to keep the packaging a bit smaller. The fabric globe covers are approximately 3 inches in diameter. They look good once you get them assembled.These are solar powered so no worries on high energy bills. They operate by photo cell. They come on when it is getting dark and go off when it is light outside. I have left them on all night on a couple of occasions. I know they stayed on until about 4:30 am. That was about 8 hours burn time. This year I’m looking for some really great lighting for a wedding so I have tried about four different sets of solar powered LED string lights. So far they all have about the same operating time and the same type of wire.At this time I have them on my porch. It is so easy to move the solar lights that you can put them anywhere you need or want some lights. They have a ground stake included in the package with a mount for the solar panel. It is in two separate pieces and the mount is adjustable making it easy to point toward the sun.The string lights have a mode switch and an on/off switch. They flash on one mode and they are steady glow on another. The on/off switch allows you to leave them off and that in my opinion is a plus. I have included some pictures so you know just what is in the box and how they look when you get them put together. I have had no problem with these lights since I got them. I'm giving them five stars.I do wish to disclose that I am in no way affiliated to this company or seller. My desire is to leave an honest, unbiased review as a participant in receiving discounted and/or free products. This in no way obligates me or sways my opinion. I hope you find this review helpful.
Review by vickieg / (Posted on 7/27/2016)
Create a warm inviting ambiance with these lights and don't worry about adding to the electric bill
I have a huge backyard and I have been wanting to add some decor. I don't want anything tacky looking and worried these might look tacky. They don't look tacky at all, these are actually quite stunning. They provide the perfect glow and the shades themselves are a nice quality material. I have these hung underneath my porch to create a warm inviting ambiance. These add just the perfect touch. You can have them stay on or twinkle so you can change and create a whole new ambiance with the push of a button. I received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest and un-biased review. I assure you my review will be honest and if I see a problem in the product I will report it with an update on this review. Check out my other reviews to see I have given things 1 star reviews if I saw fit to do so. I am 100% honest in my feedback.
Review by EVALYN / (Posted on 7/27/2016)
Great lanterns!
This is a really nice looking strand of solar lanterns. The solar power charger works great and is very inconspicuous if placed in the ground nearby the lanterns. The lights are a nice, yellowish white color, not the bright neon white that you get from a lot of LED lights. They are really nice for setting a calm, mellow mood out on my back porch.The lights were a little tricky to assemble. The lanterns come flattened and you have to put each lantern around the light and casing individually. Once you get the hang of it, it isn’t too bad, but the first few I tried to assemble took some time to figure out exactly how to fit it together properly.Once you have the product assembled, it feels really well made and sturdy. The lanterns are not made of paper, but rather a fabric type material that should hold up well outdoors. They were very easy to hang on my back porch with some existing hooks that I had used for a different strand of lights. Overall, I am very happy with these lights and recommend them to anyone looking to add a little decoration to their outdoor living space!I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, however, my opinion is still 100% my own.
Review by Laura Maurer Storms / (Posted on 7/27/2016)
They are waterproof so you can hang them outside. It makes for a really cool effect over the hot tub
These are really nice lights. Takes a little time to attach the lanterns but they seemed well made and held up well to my stretching them to get them on. They are waterproof so you can hang them outside. It makes for a really cool effect over the hot tub. Also, I love that they are color, because where I set them, I have no electricity so when night comes they automatically turn on. The have a master on-off​ button if you don't want them to come on. And a button to change from constant on to flashing. Overall A nice set of lights that gives a nice effect for a party or like we did over a hot tub. I would like to acknowledge that I received this product to test for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. This does not influence my opinion about the product or its quality. I really do try to give you a fair and honest review from a person who is just your average guy. I will answer any questions that I have learned about the product.
Review by Edward Henline / (Posted on 7/27/2016)
Theyre pretty cute
These are actually pretty cute. The only reason it got 4 stars instead of 5 is because of how hard they were to put together. I broke 2 nails and it took about a half hour. They did end up turning out really cute though. Downside is the string is pretty short. It won't even go from one post on my deck to another post. Most strings of lights aren't that long anyway. With lights like these.. I wish they'd provide you with an extra dome incase you broke one. I did not.. but just incase. Furthermore.. I put these up when there wasn't much sun left. So I hope they get brighter then they are right now.** I received this product at a discount for my unbiased review **
Review by Christine Lane / (Posted on 7/26/2016)
these work great if you have the time to set aside to ...
these work great if you have the time to set aside to individually put them all together, the lights and the balls are separate and its a pain to string them all, once you do though, if you don't rip the balls, they are super cute, and make an awesome photo prop for pictures and any gathering, especially a wedding. I got them at a discounted price for an honest review.... beautiful.
Review by Jamie Nicole ∞ / (Posted on 7/26/2016)
I love love solar lights, and these are amazing. The quality is awesome, they are durable ( it's raining here and windy and they haven't broke or torn). When the arrived they were nicely package just had to put the white ball on them. Putting them together took about twenty minutes and then they where ready. The white ball is good quality not flimsy paper that will tear in the rain or wind. You get thirty balls on this string which is plenty for a large area. The solar panel is well made so no moisture can get in. There is two lights mode, the first mode the lights stay on all the time and the second the lights blink on and off together. The solar panel is large enough to soak in a lot of sunlight to help keep these lights on from dusk to dawn. The lights are bright giving you an romantic lighting.I did receive these at a discounted price and I love the way they add the extra touch to my front porch. I would recommend these to anyone. The only reason I gave a four star was because of the time it took to assemble them.
Review by Tarpon Springs FL. / (Posted on 7/26/2016)
These are really cute! hung them the first day ...
These are really cute! hung them the first day and they were all lit up around my umbrella. Very cozy and warm looking. Seem to be very durable, and have had so many comments on them I am definitely be ordering more. Can't wait!
Review by Sandee / (Posted on 7/26/2016)
Cute solar lights that are the perfect night light
I received these lights about a week ago as was waiting till my camping trip this past weekend to try them out. Result: They are the perfect "nightlight" lighting. Not bright enough to disturb your neighbors while they are on but bright enough that you can see the area around where they are hanging to help you see.I hung mine on our canopy and wish I had 3 more sets so I could have lined each side as they are the perfect low light. Now, don't plan on reading or playing cards by them as they are not that bright (nor do I believe they are made to be). But they didn't attract bugs and we could still sit outside and not have to worry about anyone running into the canopy during the night. (or tripping over the tie downs)There are 20 LEDs of round shades that are about 3" in diameter; about five inches apart with about a 5' of lead line from the solar panel to the first light. They are SUPER light weight and can be hung with clothes pins no problem. (or in my case, binder clips)I was a bit surprised when they were delivered as I thought, "there is no way there are 20 lights in this box". But they are packed flat and you just have to expand them into the ball shape then put the white hanger (which has the light already on it) into the ball. The shades feel like a thin canvas-like nylon material. They are made to be outside and don't feel like they would be ruined if they got wet.Putting them together is a little tricky, but once you get the first one in, the rest go on no problem. I found the easiest way was to put the holder in so the stems the hold the ball were just next to the holes and then bend the holder just a bit to pop them on the holder. Once I got the first one in, I have the rest done in just a few minutes.I didn't use the "flash" mode really as I liked them being on solid. It worked, I just didn't want them on that way.I received these at a discount in exchange for my reviews. The only reason I didn't give them 5 stars is there are no instructions on how to put the globes together and I wish they were a little brighter. But they are super easy to charge (remember to turn them on!) and can be hung anywhere. Would DEFINITELY recommend these!
Review by Amazon Customer / (Posted on 7/26/2016)
Great quality, for ambiance, not for lighting up a table to eat at night, easy to install
I'm giving this 4 stars because if you understand a few things about it you will probably love it! The item is of great quality it seems and comes packaged safely. The balls are made of sturdy fabric and they already got rained on without any issue. These lights are for ambiance only I would say. One strand is not enough light to read or eat by but the item's description seems to convey that accurately. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is I wish they were a little brighter, but if I had read more carefully, I would probably have been spared this minor disappointment. Look at the lit segment measurements closely so you will know if only one strand will do the trick. We needed at least one more for our coverage area. There is a long unlit section that attached to the solar stake. These lights come on at night only per my understanding and store energy during the day. For installation, you have to put the fabric globes on (did not take my 15 y/o son long) and then hang them. There does not appear to be any hanging device(s) so we used black binder clips to clip them to the side of our gazebo. They are pretty!I received this item at a very reduced price in return for my honest opinion. I was not influenced in any way regarding my opinion. I hope this information is helpful.
Review by mom of 2 / (Posted on 7/26/2016)
Packaged & Shipping gets a A+.I really liked these lights. There are 20 LEDs with round shades that are about 3" in diameter, about five inches apart with 5' of extra line.They do come un-assembled with the shades collapsed. The shades feel like a thin canvas-like nylon material. Each light has a plastic insert around it that goes inside the shade after you unfold them. It only took me 20 minutes to put all the shades on and requires you to sort of bend the plastic insert on each light to go into holes on the shade to hold the shades on. Assembly was pretty easy. It has a small solar panel that can easily be hidden. These little guys are a great set of lights and a added collection to my light hanging around my yard. One box is simply not enough though. I can say the only thing I would wish for was a bit longer string of lights, but I know that purchasing other lights for our yard this is pretty much the standard. I will post a picture soon to follow up!All of my reviews are written with the hope of helping other Amazon customers make the right buying decisions for themselves. To help increase awareness of a particular product it might be positive or negative, but in the end it is honest. I received a free or discounted product in exchange for providing my unbiased review. I was not compensated for my review and all my opinions are my own. I hope this has helped you in some way.
Review by M.D.K / (Posted on 7/25/2016)
... set of Innoo Tech Lantern Solar Lights are the best. We have bought several packages of solar lights ...
This set of Innoo Tech Lantern Solar Lights are the best. We have bought several packages of solar lights to use when we are camping. We love to have them around our camp. My daughter set up her own glamping tent this past weekend. This was the final touch in her tent. She placed them above her tent it looked perfect. She was so excited to have her own glamping site. They worked great. They came on as soon as it started to get dark. The lanterns are darling. They have quite a large length of wire from the solar charger. They were packaged really nice and arrived very quickly. I did order these at a discount for an honest and unbiased review.
Review by Give Me Deals / (Posted on 7/25/2016)
I love the fact that the product I ordered is solar ...
The product was received at a discounted price. I love the fact that the product I ordered is solar powered and has the white fabric balls. The installation of the fabric balls took at least 30 minutes. I noticed that in order to install the fabric balls to the lights, you need to slightly bend the plastic light frame in order to securely install the fabric balls. Once the installation is completed, simple find a location outside the house to place the lights and make sure the solar panel is facing the upward to charge the batteries. Other than that. The setup has been completed. I hope other customers have found this review helpful. Thank you.
Review by Amazon Customer / (Posted on 7/25/2016)
How much of the 15.7ft is actual lights and not the end cord with the panel?

I would say 12' approx is actual lights
By LACar523 on December 19, 2015

I don't have the lights with me now but no more than 2 feet I think.
By serena on December 19, 2015
It's 110 inches =9.16 ft. There are a total of 20 lights, almost 6 inches separation between each light.
By malubrown on December 19, 2015
About 3/5ths but I would advise against buying these. They don't work!
By smash on December 19, 2015
I would say the actual lights consist of around 11.5-12 ft. The remaining distance is the cord and the solar panel.
By Amazon Customer on December 23, 2015
Is it possible to paint the lanterns either with acrylic paint or perhaps Sharpie markers?

I suppose you could but I wouldn't suggest it. The lanterns themselves seem to be made of a type of synthetic fabric material. A light color sharpie may work, but you wouldn't want to block the light with a darker color or paint.
By Amazon Customer on January 8, 2016

I would think so that you can because it is made of plastic material. However just so you know my lights no longer work and is just a decoration now.
By serena on January 8, 2016
I do think you can paint on the lanterns but the lights are not that bright and anything that you paint on should be translucent to ensure a certain amount of light passes through.
By haroldjoe48 on January 8, 2016
They are thin paper but you might be able to not sure how they would hold up. I sent them back very tiny lanterns.
By JdHplay on January 8, 2016
How do you charge these ?

Make sure the switch is on "off". Then we just put the solar panel in the sunlight and it will recharge them. They are not very bright lights at all.
By Leyria Walters on February 4, 2016

They are solar lights. That means they charge in the sun. Place the heavy box at the end of the string shiny side up in a sunny place for several hours.
By Rachel Mackintosh on February 4, 2016
What is the globe diameter ?

Since it stopped working, I don't have it with me now but I think it is approximately about 2 inches at its widest.
By serena on January 27, 2016

approximately 4 inches
By aclawson on January 27, 2016
2 3/4 " bout the size of a tennis ball
By Russell Morris on January 29, 2016
Yes, 3 inches diameter. My earlier answer of 4 inches is incorrect.
By aclawson on January 31, 2016
About the size of a tennis ball.
By Holly Marie Schabel on January 27, 2016
About 3" Very small, I sent mine back.
By JdHplay on January 27, 2016
Is it possible to plug these into a wall outlet versus solar power?

Yes you can. You'll need to get a transformer which would output the correct voltage and amperage. Basically equivalent to the output of the batteries.
By Chris on November 19, 2015

You had better not.
By ANEAR on November 12, 2015
They have the same light set also available for a power outlet option. But these particular ones are solar only
By Billy S. on November 12, 2015
Can the panel be affixed to the side of a deck or does it have to attach to a stake?

I would think so as long as the sun hits it....I have a different set around a bird feeder and the panel is on a ledge...it works fine.
By R. A. Socci on May 10, 2016

Side of deck would work well.
By Deborah Pinder on May 10, 2016
Double sided tape might work. There's a groove in the back of the solar pad where it attaches to the stake that can also serve as an anchor point with a little effort. Very nice product overall, i have three on my screen porch with the solar panels in the "pan" section of the porch roof.
By Penny Sacco on May 10, 2016
I say yes. I am using them on my RV and just have it laying on top of the awning. Stay lite all night.
By Perri B. on May 10, 2016
Do these provide enough light to use in place of a standard lightbulb?

Indoors, I'm assuming? No. The light these provide is very soft almost ambient.
By McJules on February 8, 2016

I do not believe so. I have the sensor in the ample place for bright Sun all day long and at night they are just a very dim glow.
By Jessica on February 8, 2016
No, they are for mood lighting.
By Rick Pooley on February 8, 2016
No , it's not bright enough
By st.tahiti on February 8, 2016
How will these hold up in high winds? Will they blow off or tear?

I live in St Thomas. We have pretty good breezes/winds. So far they are holding up GREAT!!!. They stay just about all through the night. And i haven't noticed damages from the strong sun or salt. Love'em.
By Virgin island gal on March 27, 2016

I have no problems with mine. I actually have them put up on my screened balcony and they're quite sturdy even in our Florida storms
By McJules on April 6, 2016
They hold up really great. They are well made.
By Jan on March 29, 2016
Were used outdoors in windy conditions and held up okay. Not sure how windy you are speaking about though.
By haroldjoe48 on March 27, 2016
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